NA Jamabo, FB Legborsi and AA Lamidi

Feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the growth performance of Oreochromis niloticus fingerlings fed diets containing Pigeon pea seed meal (PSM) as an alternative protein source to soybean meal. Five iso-nitrogenous (crude protein-30%) diets were formulated containing Pigeon pea seed meal at A(0%PSM), B(25%PSM), C(50%PSM), D(75%PSM) and E(100%PSM) control, were fed at 5% to triplicates groups of 15 fingerlings (average initial weight of 3.80+0.57 g) of O. niloticus for twelve (12) weeks. Growth performance and nutrient utilization parameters indicate that D(75%PSM), gave the highest weight gain (8.51+1.45 g) and the lowest weight gain in B(25%PSM) (5.17+0.28). Similarly, the highest specific growth rate (7.33+2.86) was recorded in C(50%PSM). Feed conversion ratio and survival rate were not significantly different (P>0.05) among the dietary treatments. The result from this study indicated that Pigeon seed meal (PSM) can replace soybean meal up to 75% in the diet of O. niloticus without compromising growth performance, nutrient utilization and haematological parameters.


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