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Fever is not symptom of any disease. None of diseases require fever as its symptom.


K. M. Yacob

                         Symptom Definition is the only parameters  necessary for a Symptom. As any or all other definitions, symptom definition should be describe the symptom scientifically. If it cannot describe clearly, there is no use of  a symptom  definition. A symptom is a departure from normal function or feeling which is noticed only by a patient, indicating the presence of disease or abnormality.One cannot be understand directly the temperature is elevated in hypothalamus .A mechanical device is necessary to measure elevated temperature in hypothalamus. In symptom definition, fever definition can’t be found. The elevation of body temperature is not included in symptom definition. The main evidence which proves that fever is not a symptom of disease is symptom definition itself. Elevated temperature or increased temperature never make fever or symptoms of fever. it may create hyperthermia.

None of diseases or cause of diseases require fever as its symptom. 

If the mosquito bites its virus, bacteria, venom gets deposited in the body as a result according to  nature and  strength of  virus,  bacteria ,venom symptoms like itching, pain  and signals like colour change, inflammation, may occurred.we can see the symptoms, Signals and indications of  virus, bacteria, venom  which multiple or spreading or  damages(disease)    the body before  fever emerge . The symptoms of virus, bacteria and venom are not based on fever.The symptom, signs and signals are shown every time when virus, bacteria and venom are present in the body. In such a situation fever is not necessary, because fever is not seen in everyone. In a state of multi-disease conditions, if fever is caught and cured, fever will not show the symptoms of other diseases. In H1N1 infections 30% of patients actually had no fever.

There is a sharp difference between Symptoms of fever and symptoms of rising temperature. Symptoms of fever includes   body pain, fatigue to mind and body, reduced appetite, reduced motion and indigestion, internal and external discomfort, etc.,

The symptoms, signs, signals of fever are only seen at the presence of fever.

During cancer the symptom, signs and signals of cancer are shown every time.A patient having cancer and fever at the same time, symptoms, signs and signals of both cancer and fever are shown every time.A symptom of cancer never become symptom of fever or a symptom of fever can never become symptom of cancer.During cancer the symptom, signs and signals of cancer are shown every time.

How can separate symptom of disease and symptom of fever.

In fever, both symptom of disease and symptom of Fever are included. Deduct symptom of disease from total symptoms we will get symptom of fever. Like that we can separate signs, signals, and actions of both fever and disease.


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