Examination of prospective bounds between management and development of sport and youths


George Draxler

The purpose of this article is to explore potential intersections between sport management and youth development in underserved communities. Most sport management programs focus on preparing students for employment in intercollegiate athletics and professional sport. While the management of agencies in underserved communities is receiving increased attention in the field, many programs do not familiarize students with the key concepts and complexities involved in the successful administration of these physical activity-based agencies. We present a case for broadening the scope of sport management to include youth development perspectives and the administration of physical activity-based organizations in underserved communities. In consideration of this objective, we address characteristics of underserved communities, tenets of youth development, criteria for inclusive and holistic physical activity programs, value of critical pedagogy teaching approaches, and the importance of multicultural proficiency. Finally, we offer strategies for integrating curricular, internship and research imperatives. Expanding the field in this manner can attract a greater number of students, develop a more engaged citizenry of future practitioners, and better assist underserved communities.


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