Evaluation of the newcastle disease antibody level after vaccination regimes in chickens in Debrezeit Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia


Addisalem Hunde, Belachew Bacha, Zelalem Gebretsadik Anebo, Kidist Teklemichael, TadiosHabte TadiosHabte

Evaluation of the Newcastle disease (NCD) antibody level after different vaccination regime was conducted on 110 chickens: (32%) vaccinated and kept separated, (25.2%) unvaccinated and kept with vaccinated, (25.2%) were control groups. Four vaccination regime of chicken against NCD using live lentogenic stain, Hithcner B1 (at the age of 3 day old) and lasota (at the age of 27, 63, and 112th days of age) were used. The overall antibody level of ND in examined chickens using HI test was Log2 4.42 in unvaccinated and mixed with vaccinated birds, Log2 5.2 in vaccinated and mixed with unvaccinated chickens, Log2 2.6 in control groups and Log2 5.3 in vaccinated and kept separately. On the other hand chickens vaccinated four times at 3, 27, 63 and 112 days were found to be protective as that of common vaccination schedule (0, 18, 72, 132 and 216 day old age) in antibody level of Newcastle disease among different vaccination regime and frequencies. The result of the present study indicated that the protective antibody titter response was produced from the vaccination; hence, it is very crucial to vaccinate chickens with the full dose of vaccines against NCD in order to keep protected poultry population.

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