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Epidemiological and immunological findings on human hydatidosis


Ihsan E. Al-Saimary1*, Maani N. Al-Shemari2 and Mohammed M. A. Al-Fayadh2

Thirty patients infected with hydatidosis from different hospitals in Baghdad were included in this study. All these patients were diagnosed by imaging techniques and surgically proven. Immunological study was performed on blood samples. The study showed that the incidence of hydatidosis in females was higher than that of the males. The highest age distribution of hydatidosis patients was between 12 and 40 years. The percentage of liver hydatidosis was higher (64.66%) than any other organs. The results of IgG, IgM, C3 and C4 determination were significantly increased for IgG concentration in males compared with females and highly increased in males at age group 10 - 20 years. There was significant difference in IgM concentration which was significantly increased in females especially at fourth age group comparative with significant decrease in IgM concentration in males at different ages. Also, there was significant increase in C3 and C4 concentrations in females compared with males


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