Cubital tunnel syndrome resulting from delayed intraneural hematoma of ulnar nerve


Cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve, hematoma.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common peripheral compression neuropathy in adults. Close correlation between elbow trauma and cubital tunnel syndrome has been reported before. Factors causing cubital tunnel syndrome as a result of trauma may involve regional hemorrhages, edema, fibrosis, bone fracture, or displacement of bone fracture fragments into the cubital tunnel, causing narrowing of the tunnel. The pathogenesis due to delayed intraneural hematoma of ulnar nerve is extremely rare. In the present report we describe the first case of cubital tunnel syndrome due to delayed intraneural hematoma of ulnar nerve. A successful outcome may be expected if an appropriate surgical technique is chosen as early as more when worsening numbness or severe pain appears in the ring finger and little finger.


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