A prevalence of parasites in black bengal goats in Chittagong, Bangladesh


SKMA Islam, MM Hassan, K Roy, Q Banu, SA Khan, MA Hoque

An investigation was carried out to measure the prevalence of ecto- and endopatasites in semiscavenging black bengal goat (Capra hircus) at Pahartali Thana under Chittagong district, Bangladesh during the period of February to May/2006. The overall prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in goat were 63.41% (N=317). In these positive samples, Strongyloides spp. (51.74%) was more prevalent and Moniezia sp. and Capillaria sp. were least prevalent (n=201). The gastrointestinal parasitic load of goats varied from egg per gram (epg) 0 to 1600. Faecal sample evaluation shows, 36.95% and 13.56% goats were loaded epg 0 and 300, respectively. Age was evident as risk factor where older goats (> 24 month) were more infected by endoparasites than younger ones (< 24 month) in this study (p < 0.05). Irrespective of factors, the prevalence of ecto- and endoparasites has been quite high. So, the preventive measurement should be adopted for this goat population. As goats are infected with ectoand endoparasites, broad spectrum anthelmintics might be judicious choice. As older goats are more susceptible than younger ones for endoparasites, the grazing habit should be restricted.

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