A Brief Review of Urban Development Initiatives and Policies in Ethiopia since 2000


Jemal Abagissa

The government adopted urban development policy in 2005.The policy focuses on issues considered urban development pillars such as land delivery, infrastructure development, expansion of social services, environmental protection and urban good governance. Before the adoption of the policy, urban agendas were included in different plans and programs but were unsynchronized leading to the absence of solid urban policies and programs. Even after the policy was adopted, the government at different times took parallel initiatives. The purpose of the paper is to assess this policy, plans and programs in terms of coherence problems and gaps. Secondary data were collected from relevant sources and supplemented by author’s observation. The review shows that more needs to be done at policy design and implementation levels given the depth and breadth of existing urban problems compounded by persistent rural-urban migration which become formidable challenge for urban development and governance in the country.


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