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Mebratu Melaku
Yared Alemayehu
Addis Getu
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Mebratu Melaku
Yared Alemayehu
Addis Getu
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Global Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Vol. 2(4)

Full Length Research Paper

Phenotypic characterization of indigenous chicken ecotypes in the eastern Amahara, region Ethiopia

Addis Getu1, Mebratu Melaku2, Yared Alemayehu3

1University of Gondar, Department of Animal production and Extension

2,3Woldiya University College of Agriculture, department of Animal production and Technology

*Corresponding-Author’s E-mail: addisgetu2002@yahoo.com  

Accepted 8 October, 2014


A reconsunsus field survey was conducted in Eastern Amahara region, Ethiopia to identify and characterize the local genetic resources of chicken ecotypes. Qualitative and quantitative traits from 450 adult chickens were considered. From the total districts in three zones chicken ecotypes such as Hemete, Kuakuate and Yeberha Tsehaye from Ziqualla, Teneta and Jamma districts were identified, respectively. Measurable traits indicated that body weight and body length of Yeberha Tsehaye and Kuakuate was (p < 0.01) higher than Hemete ecotypes. Sex and ecotype interaction were significant (p < 0.01) sources of variation for both body weights and linear body measurements. Key informants are very good individuals to recognize the non identified genetic resources of animals. Future AGR identification and characterization should be conducted routinely to validate and investigate the resources in the country.

Key words: Hemete, yeberha tsehaye, kuakuate, Eastern Amahara Ethiopia.